IntelliBoost IQ Reviews: Cognitive Enhancer, Benefits, Side Effects & price

IntelliBoost IQ: As we grow old our memory becomes weak and our mind forgetful. This is a natural process that happens with everybody and no one can avoid it completely. No matter what it is something bound to happen as we age. This may also happen due to stress and tension as well as lack of proper diet and nutrients and minerals. Though you cannot avoid it but what you can do is help your mind grow strong by taking supplements.

This supplement is all natural formula to improve your memory skills along with the brain functions, and also help you increase your mind power. These days it is very common to take supplements that give you the extra dose of vitamins. There is nothing to be scared since these supplements are extremely safe for consumption as they are made up of completely natural and organic ingredients.

Many health practitioners have also claimed that the product is safe to be consumed. This product works great for the overall development of your brain. These supplements work wonders and help you improve your brain power which deteriorates with the passage of time. One such best selling supplement available in the market is IntelliBoost IQ.

What is IntelliBoost IQ?

It is one of the best memory enhancing supplements available in the market. It is exceptionally helpful in boosting your mental power. It is composed of 100% natural and highly organic ingredients that help you increase the brain IQ and even help to reduce stress and tension. It is completely safe to consume and can be consumed on daily basis or as prescribed. Consumption of this product helps in improving your brain power, increases energy levels and also helps in enhancing your concentration power.

Why do we need it

Our multi-task brain is highly functional but as time passes it tends to lose its sharpness. At times when you age you find it difficult to concentrate, lack the motivation to focus on your task and may also feel less energetic. It is exactly at this point of time in your life when you need such a miraculous supplement. This supplement provides for the lack and feeds your brain with proper vitamins and minerals which further improves your mental growth and helps you concentrate better. There are no side effects. It is 100% organic product & made up of herbal compounds. Doctor’s prescription not required for consumption. It can be consumed by both males and females


The magic ingredients with which IntelliBoost IQ is composed of are Bacopa and Ginkgo Biloba. Bacopa improves your IQ level by enhancing your memory and focus. Ginkgo Biloba helps in expanding the bloodstream in mind vessels and backings cerebrum nerve tissues for support wave movement amid workload.

How does IntelliBoost IQ work?

When consumed on daily basis or as prescribed it reduces the number of free radicals, the aging factors, this keeping your mind healthy and active. This supplement stimulates the growth of gray cells and makes your brain young and active.

Pros :

  • Improves memory power
  • Improves concentration
  • Better focusing skills
  • Increased blood flow in your brain
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases overall confidence
  • Strengthens mental power
  • Helps understand information better
  • Helps to retain the information gathered longer enhancement of brain function
  • Overall development of a person
  • Clinically tested and proven by health experts

Cons :

  • Cannot be purchased in medical stores
  • Can be bought online only with card payment
  • Can be consumed by person above the age of 25
  • No scientific proves that the product works as it claims

How to consume?

You just need to include this supplement in your daily life to enjoy its benefit. You may also follow the instructions given on the bottle of the product. You can also do one thing, ask your specialist for his suggestions as to when and how to take these supplements in order to reap its full benefits or as it suits your requirements.

Intelliboost Iq

Recommended Dosage

This supplement is available in the form of capsules. It is advised to take two capsules per day for few months for best results. You have to take one capsule in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and the other one at night 30 minutes before dinner. Also, keep in mind to remain hydrated throughout the day and follow a proper diet for faster results.


Though this product is completely safe and there is no need to consult a doctor or a doctor’s prescription to consume it. Still, it is advised to take suggestions from your specialist. It is not advisable to take these supplements if you are not 25 or above. Also if you are on some medication or if you are suffering from some serious diseases then you must consult your doctor first before consuming it.

Before you start consuming these capsules read the instructions and label very carefully. Also, do not accept the product if the bottle is not sealed or if it is damaged or tampered from somewhere.

Side Effects

Obviously not! This product is 100% safe to use since it is made up of all-natural and highly organic ingredients and herbal compounds. Still, it is better to follow the precautions and also do not forget to visit a specialist in case you are suffering from some serious disease.

Where to buy?

This product is available only online. You will not find this supplement anywhere in the market not even in the medical stores. It is available for sale online only. This in a way is good news for people out there since you can order it sitting at the comfort of your home, or at the office or at the gym or at any other place of your choice. You can buy it with a single click. The product will be delivered to you within 24 hours of your order or it may also take 2 to 3 business days, depending on the place where you live.

IntelliBoost Iq

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