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GenBoost Real Good Protein

Our body requires vitamin, minerals, and protein to function properly. Vitamin and minerals are known as micronutrients as they require in small quantity, But protein is considered as a macronutrient as our body largely requires it. Protein works as a building block of our body. It helps to build and repair damaged cells, bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood, to make enzymes, hormones and required chemicals for the body. It comes in many forms among them  Real Good Protein (whey protein) is considered best for your health.

What is Whey Protein?

Milk contains two proteins casein and whey. Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese making. It is considered the best protein as it contains all nine amino acids and contains less quantity of lactose.

Different types of Whey Protein

These are of three types:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate: It is low in both fat and carbohydrates. The percentage of a protein varies from 30% to 90% depends on how concentrated it is.
  • Whey Protein Isolate: It is further processed to remove all the fat and lactose. It contains 90% protein.
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate: It is the digestive form of whey protein.

Why Real Good Protein (whey protein) is the best form of Protein

It is made by best milk isolates fraction from the most exceptional cold filtration process. Free from harmful acids generally used in industries. It is free from excess fat and lactose. It is one of the award-winning chocolate isolated protein.

Whey protein is popular for its bad taste hence to add taste  Real Good Protein comes in chocolate flavored.

Ingredients of  Real Good Protein (whey protein)

The Whey Protein Isolate is produced from the best cow milk. Its ingredients are :

  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Cocoa processed with alkali
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Salt
  • Soy or sunflower lecithin
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame potassium

It is rich in nutritional values that are mention below as per single serving which is 32 gram:

  • Calories: It gives 120 calories per serving
  • Protein: You will get 25g protein which is 50 percent of a single serving
  • Total Fat: It contains only one gram of fat
  • Sugar: The product contains zero sugar
  • Cholesterol: Only 15mg per serving
  • Sodium: 170mg which is 7% of single serving
  • Total Carbohydrates: Less than 1 percent per serving
  • Calcium: It has 76mg of calcium which is 6% in a serving
  • Iron: It has 4mg of iron which is 20% of one serving
  • Potassium: it has 164mg of potassium which is 4 percent of a single serving

How Real Good Protein (whey protein) works

Whey protein is highly bioavailable. Your body quickly absorbs it. It is rich in essential amino acids that are important for the functioning of muscles.

Proteins are essential for the repair of tissues and production of new tissues. Each body cell needs protein for its survival. Protein is the primary element which is used to repair and replace the dead cells.  Real Good Protein is a complete protein that contains all nine amino acids essential for protein synthesis. The human body cannot produce these amino acids hence it is necessary to include them in your diet.

Benefits of  Real Good Protein

It is among the highly researched product in the market. It has very high nutritional values and benefits for the human body.

Good for Muscle Growth: Your heavy gym workout breaks down your muscles but not repair them. As a result, all your efforts go to waste. To get the fruitful results, you need a highly balanced protein diet, and Real Good Protein (whey protein) is a complete protein which helps to build your muscles healthily. Rapidly it gets absorbed into your body.

Immune Booster: Heavy workouts lead to nervous and gastric problems due to the depleting of glutathione which is an antioxidant system of our body. The real good protein helps to maintain the level of glutathione so that you can do more work out in the gym without having a physical problem.

Manage Hunger and Craving: Your body demands more food due to the secretion of ghrelin. Whey protein helps to reduce your hunger pangs. The carving of food is raised when your body has less protein.

Reduce Weight: The Real Good Protein helps to lose weight. Whey protein isolated has zero fat, cholesterol, and calorie hence it prevent the intake of calorie. It helps to makes your muscles healthy and accelerate the fat burning process.

Increase Muscle Mass and Repair: The product is specially produced for the bodybuilders. It helps to reduce weight and increase muscle mass with the generation of lean tissues. It repairs the damaged tissues. Regular intake of whey protein isolate gives you the desired result.

How to use Real Good Protein

You should add one serving with 6 ounces of cold water and drink it immediately after heavy workouts.

Precautions with Real Good Protein

You are advised not to take its overdose. Immediately stop its consumption if you feel some health issues or consult with your health physician.

Side Effects of Whey Protein

 Well, it is 100% safe for both adult and children when taken in adequate or prescribed quantity. But if you consume it in high dose some side effects share by people are:

  • Increase Bowel Movements
  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Reduce Appetite
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches

Customers Review

Customers have rated it a five-star product. Being a healthy product full of essential nutrients it has great taste too.

How to Buy  Real Good Protein (whey protein)

The product contains selective ingredients seems like it is made of handpicked material. You can purchase it from the official website. The most attractive is that they offer sixty days money back guaranty if you do not satisfy with the product. You order it online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. When you purchase it online from their official website, you will receive an original product for sure.

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