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Vertigrow XL Male Enhancement: Getting in shape, having a fine physique and a muscular body with six pack abs is every man’s dream. This is possible only after long and tedious hours at the gym, working out until you give in, maintaining a healthy diet with eat this and not this, with a lot of protein consumption and what not?

All in all, it is a boring journey and a supplement is recommended. There are way too many products available and it is all too confusing for rookie bodybuilders and professional bodybuilders alike. Some offer some feature while some do not.

Moreover, you don’t know how your body will react to those supplements. Most of these supplements are, for obvious reasons not natural, and use artificial ingredients. Your body does not necessarily react well to artificial products, if not soon, at least in the long run. Among all the supplements available in this respect are not as effective as this product is.

Moreover, it is made using natural ingredients. As it is made using natural ingredients, the question of whether it will react well to your body no longer exists, as natural stuff is never really harmful, instead, it is food for your body.

What is Vertigrow XL?

The company manufacturing the product is FOMDI, which stands for Finest Online Merchandise Distribution, a company based in the USA. It ensures the safety of the product, claims that the product is clinically tested and no harmful side effects have been found. In fact, the buyer can even return the product in case he is not satisfied with the results, according to company policy. Such is the service provided by the company.

The company is an authentic one, and hence can be trusted. It was established in 2002 and is among the most trusted in the health sector. All of the company’s products are safe and at the same time effective. Their motto is quality, quality, and quality! Their team ensures that all their products do not lack in any respect.

Their latest product, the Vertigrow XL Male enhancement is a supplementary product for men supporting in muscle growth and also for increasing semen production, providing stronger erections, eventually causing growth in the user’s penis size, and overall for a better sex life.

The product is also completely natural and has no fillers or any sort of coloring or other artificially manufactured ingredients. Hence the company and its product ensure the safety of the consumer.

Benefits of Vertigrow XL Male Enhancement:

The product essentially supports the user in the growth of muscle mass, hence during workouts, and also to lead a better sex life. The natural ingredients used seem to be sexual simulators. The product supports strong erections which eventually causes penis growth for the user, owing to its muscle mass growth property. It also increases stamina during sex, endurance and increases sexual desire.

The use of the product is fairly simple too. Just take one tablet with a liquid drink, preferably water about five to ten minutes before your workout or before you’re about to have sex. The product will enhance your pleasure in satisfying you, as well as your partner. Moreover, the daily dosage is not required.

The company has also won several awards for its product- the VertiGrow XL, according to the official website of FOMDI, namely:

The 2015 Scientific Achievement in Male Potency Award

The National Society of Urologists- 5 Star Award

As well as3 International Scientific Achievement Awards

These awards authenticate the VertiGrow XL even more. The natural ingredients, the results and the awards sure convince us that the product is one to be tried without hesitation.


The product does not show any side effects, in particular, owing to it being made using natural ingredients. Although, there are certain other cons to the product. The ingredients used are not listed by the company either on the product package nor the FOMDI website. Another problem is that the product- VertiGrow XL is made in such a facility that is not approved by the FDA, i.e. the food and drug administration department in the USA.

Its only reliable authenticity is that it is manufactured by FOMDI which is a globally recognized company.

Ingredients of Vertigrow XL:

The ingredients used in the product although have not been revealed by the manufacturer. Yet, they claim it to be made using100% natural ingredients without the use of any supplementary enhancers or coloring agents. But according to the people, who apparently reached out to the company about the details of the ingredients of the product, mention the following

  • Zinc
    • Epimedium
    • L-Lysine
    • Cranberry
    • Cistanche Bark
    • L-Arginine
    • L-Carnitine
    • Di-Calcium Phosphate,
    • Microcrystalline Cellulose,
    • Stearic Acid,
    • Croscarmellose Sodium,
    • Magnesium Stearate,
    • Silicon Dioxide,
    • FD&C Blue #2,
    • Titanium Dioxide

According to scientific study, these ingredients are common in other male enhancing products too. The only difference is that this product uses natural ingredients for it while others generally use artificially created ingredients.

Where to buy?

The product is available on the company’s (FOMDI) official website and is available to buy from all around the world at a pocket-friendly cost.

User reviews:

The product lacks potential reviews mainly due to the lack of advertising by the company and moreover, the product is available only online. But the reviews that do exist seem to grade down the product, but when you read that review, it is grading it down to promote their own product. Other reviews mention that the product does work, but according to one, it works better when taken thirty to forty minutes prior and not ten to fifteen minutes prior.

The Verdict

The VertiGrow XL Male Enhancement, by FOMDI, is a man’s dream come true. The reviews, the natural ingredients and moreover, the company’s status tempt us that the product can be trusted and must be tried. The product is for every man who wants a better performance and would like to not fall for artificial products that would harm them in the long run.

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